We cooperate with golf clubs around Europe

We are constantly looking for golf clubs that want to work with us. Letting us clear your water hazards from golf balls contributes to a better environment without any effort on your part. We have been diving for golf balls for many years and today employ several people full time. Through our competence and experience, you will hardly notice that we have been visiting. Taking into account both nature and golfers is natural for us.

We are completely self-sufficient

When we visit, we have everything we need to dive for golf balls. We have with us our own John Deere Gator with tires intended for driving on grass. This machine is usually standard on golf courses. We take full responsibility for our stay on the golf course and it does not need to be closed for games. We are fully insured and have over 30 years of experience in the company of diving for golf balls, which gives you a safe partner.

When we visit

We usually get in touch a few weeks before we come to visit to make sure it fits. We can dive large parts of the year except when there is ice on the ponds. We dive during the day and the fact that there are golfers on the course does not bother us, as we are usually underwater, neither we nor the players notice each other. When we arrive at the course, we inform the staff about our arrival and go through the information that concerns us. We usually visit a golf course 1-3 times a year depending on the number of ponds and rounds of golf played.


We have three compensation models for the golf course, a fixed fee, compensation per picked golf ball or payment in golf balls. The most common is that we pay per picked golf ball to the golf club. There are a number of factors that determine the compensation per golf ball and we always make an individual assessment with the golf club. When we are in place, we can make an approximate estimate of how many balls we have received, however, the balls are counted after about a week after our visit. When we have received the number of golf balls, we send an account of how it went and the compensation is paid.


We protect the environment and try to make as little impression as possible on the environment. We have invested approximately one million sek in our washing plant and it is adapted to consume as little water and chemicals as possible. It is also inspected by the relevant authority regarding environmental impact and has been approved. On the golf course, the marine environment is a vulnerable area and we work to be able to offer services around this area. We are looking for golf courses for various pilot projects.